GTxcel For Digital Publishing

Innovative Digital Media Solutions

The Platform

GTxcel’s easy-to-use Turnstyle Platform creates engaging digital reading experiences for a mobile world.

Service Models

Whether you’re a small department or an enterprise-sized business, GTxcel has multiple pricing and support models to align with the unique needs of your business.

Working With Us

The GTxcel Digital Publishing Teams have decades of experience with publishers and content creators. We understand your day-to-day communication needs and are focused on delivering easy-to-use solutions to meet your audience’s demands.

“Diving headfirst into the digital publishing arena felt too daunting until we connected with GTxcel. GTxcel has been very accessible and a full partner as we make the important, upfront decisions to display our best work in a whole new format.”

– John Sofis Scheft, Esq./Principal, Law Enforcement Dimensions, LLC

What Makes GTxcel For Digital Publishing Special?

The GTxcel Digital Publishing Teams, including product, development, support, and training teams, are focused on creating the best solutions for editorial, production, sales teams, and digital content leaders.

We have leadership with deep roots in the digital publishing market. We speak your language and understand what drives you.

Let us review your current solution and show you how we can improve your digital workflow and save you money.

See Turnstyle In Action:

Example Publications